In Las Vegas a teenage boy is missing and the police are struggling to find him. Weeks later the discovery of unidentified remains in the desert raises more questions than answers. One man, crime writer Jack Dawes, believes he saw the boy’s death in a violent dream weeks before he disappeared. But Dawes’ dark past means he doesn’t want the world to know he’s in Vegas. Suspected of murdering his own wife at their home in Santa Monica nearly a year ago, Dawes enrols the help of Private Detective, Matt Stone to solve the case.

When the dreams start again, and the future killings are even more sadistic and violent in nature, attention turns to Dawes. His defence? There’s someone inside his head. And whoever it is wants to play.

Can Stone establish whether Jack Dawes is guilty or just another victim? Can he separate the fiction from the reality? Can he answer the most important question of all – Is Jack Dawes an unwilling voyeur of depraved and sick ritualistic killings, or is his imagination feeding the dark cravings of a killer’s mind? Can Stone stop the body count from rising? Can he unlock the secrets buried deep in Dawes’ mind? And can Stone avoid the gaze of the world and protect his own dark secret?

The Head Factory is a psychological crime thriller which which will take you to the edge of reason. It is a fast paced page turner, building to a terrifying climax that will make you question your very own beliefs. It is due for release in 2018.


I am a Crime Thriller Author, writer, reviewer, blogger, tech geek and movie fanatic. I am currently working on my debut novel, a psychological crime thriller set in and around the Las Vegas and Mojave desert region. Part of the reason I started this website was to share my journey from enthusiastic and hopeful novice to full time, professional author.

My website is designed to be a space for both readers and writers alike. I hope you enjoy what it has to offer. Within its pages you will find articles on the art of writing, reviews of books I have found useful as I have learnt the craft of writing, information about my own personal writing workflow, including the software I use to plan and write.

For the readers amongst you, you will find recommended reads, author spotlights (primarily within the Crime and Thriller genres) and forensic analyses of some of my favourite crime books. I will also be reviewing Film and TV shows within my chosen genres.

For more information on me, check out my biography.

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