I have always wanted to be a published author. My early attempts at writing were in my late teens, when I started writing short stories. I came up with what I thought at the time was a great idea for a novel. I started to write what was then a poor imitation of a James Herbert or Stephen King book. I even got a published author friend of mine to look over my work. His advice was invaluable and his words encouraging. He liked my style and thought the idea was a good one. Looking back though those early attempts were terribly naive and ended up going nowhere.

The desire to write never went away though. Now I am starting out again and I am part way through the journey to finish my first novel and become a published author.

I hope to have my debut novel, Stone Cold, finished by the end of the year if not a lot sooner. It is a crime thriller set in Las Vegas and is the first in what will become the Matt Stone series of books.

I live in Lancashire with my fiancée and spend my free time (when I’m not working for a living or working on my novel) walking in the countryside near to where we live, reading my favourite authors and developing this website.