Kai Rodriguez’ Las Vegas

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Rodriguez has been with the LVMPD, or the Metro police as it is known locally, for a total of eight years. Five of those he has spent working the Homicide desk. Despite his excellent conviction record Rodriguez has been overlooked for promotion to Sergeant on two occasions. A fact he puts down to the combination of his mixed Mexican-Hawaiian heritage and his racist Captain, not his sometimes fiery temper.

Desert Spring Psychiatric Hospital

Rodriguez’ father was committed to this high security mental health facility three days after the birth of his third grandchild. Visiting rights are limited, but this does not concern Rodriguez. He has no desire to see his father. Partly because of his violent demeanour and partly because of his belief that the Aztec ritual of human sacrifice could cure all of the world’s problems. A fact that makes Rodriguez’ work colleagues suspicious and distrustful of him and his family. Despite the sick and depraved sights that a homicide detective sees, it is the spectre of his father’s madness that haunts Rodriguez the most.

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